Last year I published a photobook titled an essay on the concave city corner, the reward of a long and intensive process of photographing, conceptualising, studying, designing and writing. After spending a lot of time and energy on that single project, I needed something less complex, for a change: bringing random images together, without too much contemplation or purpose. One result is this series of three photographs shot in the city.

I decided to make them available as prints, partly due to the Buy Local event at the Kunsthal in Ghent, a Summer Salon of art with more than 500 works of artists with a clear connection with the city. Paintings, prints, sculptures, photography and textile works, as well as a happening and offered services all together make up a well-filled exhibition in the style of the former Paris Salons, and of course all for sale.

(photo credit: Michiel De Cleene)

Prints are available through the TMSN shop in two versions: a borderless edition of 10 and a slightly larger with border edition of 5. There is also a framed version available on request. But you can also view and buy a framed random three city #2 at the Kunsthal in Ghent until the last weekend of August (you need to book a time slot).

an essay on the concave city corner is still available for sale in the TMSN shop. In case you missed it and are interested in finding out what’s going on in the book, the above video explains on how to analyse a concave city corner. If that confuses rather than convinces you, you might want to read this excellent review at collector dialy to have a more clear idea.

Also available at Tipi Bookshop; Reminders Photography Stronghold; and distributed by Idea Books.