the future lies with the city

publication: derivations 4

Some of my concave city corners photos were published in the InterCity section of Dérivations. The magazine is a biannual review that focuses on the city in all its facets. It offers analysis, inquiry, debate, art criticism, opinion texts, but also photography, drawings and comics. Dérivations wants to make the city a subject in its own right in a French-speaking Belgium that obviously disinvests its big cities. It’s available here.

construction combination experiment: the gravel heap.

construction combination: prada and kunsthalle. the future lies with the city.

construction in costa rica.

the future lies with the city: construction.

concave city corner in milano.

lines and planes in milano.

concave city corner in kyoto.

concave city corner in düsseldorf.

thank god for prada.

concave city corner in london.

concave city corner in helsinki.

concave city corner in moskvá, the narkofim building.

concave city corner in bruges.