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they look for…

…animals but all they find are trees. A new publication.

(photo credit: Studio Chokli)

While visiting Corcovado and other national parks in Costa Rica, I noticed other visitors were mostly interested in finding and spotting species of the animal kingdom. I found that they didn’t give the best part of the nature in those places the attention it deserved: the immense richness of species of the plant kingdom. Especially the amount of different tree species that can be found was ungraspable. During the visits, hikers are guided so they won’t get lost but I ended up getting lost while editing the photographs years after actually being there: trying and retrying endless combinations of photographs or parts of photographs while following the directions of plant growth or their shades of green. It was an extension of the journey and an interesting challenge to convey this experience into a publication.

(photo credit: Studio Chokli)

The publication is published and printed by Buroform as part of the Café Cliché event “Let’s Talk About Books, Baby”, which was on the 6th of October 2022. Buroform is a printing house in Mechelen, Belgium, which every year organises a get together focused on 1 specific printing topic. This time, four publications were made and presented, explaining everything about printing techniques, material choices and binding methods.

The book is designed by Tina De Souter. Working with Tina was a bless: we immediately synced. For instance, the first meeting we proposed the same paper for the book block: Woodstock Grigio and Betulla by Fedrigoni.  I couldn’t be more satisfied with the result of our collaboration. You can find more information about her work on her website.

The book is available at the TMSN ShopBuroform and Tipi Bookshop.

Lastly, a special edition is also available, which includes a RISO print by SO-RI studio. . It is printed by a RISO duplicator (EZ517e) on Biotop (90gsm) in Yellow, Green and Black RISO ink. This results in a real green explosion. A magnificent result which both opposites and accords the publication.

The special edition is available at TMSN Shop and Tipi Bookshop in edition of 9 (+1 artist print). Every print is unique so be sure to check it out.

More prints coming soon.

featured: an essay on the concave city corner, the dummy.

exhibition: real estate architecture summer school 2017

I’ve photographed the Brussels north district in commission by Real Estate Architecture together with Antoine Espinasseau. While I explored the exterior of the district, Antoine explored the interiors. Real Estate Architecture are 4 architects who explore the legacy of architectures built by private developers during the 1960s and 1970s. This year they organize a summer school about the office building in the WTC towers in Brussels, where the exhibition will also be. It opens this Sunday, if you find time, please go and see!

a day in drake bay, costa rica.

composition, clervaux wanderweg c.

construction combination experiment: the gravel heap.

construction combination: prada and kunsthalle. the future lies with the city.

construction in costa rica.

concrete canopy, purcell st., london, 2015.

a provisional composition ‘von Fischmarkt nach Blankenese’, hamburg, 2015

speicherstadt, hamburg, 2015.

von kibbelsteg, hamburg, 2015.

composition, hamburg, 2015.

i like the shadow II, Hamburg, 2015.

plant & shadow, hamburg, 2015.

i like the shadow, hamburg, 2015

the edge of planten un blomen, hamburg, 2015.

self reflection at the tropengewächshäuser in hamburg.

in situ: not there

some of my ‘not there’ photographs found a home.

concave city corner in brussels, bruxelles, brussel, brüssel, …, a tribute for the day before yesterday.

Weiß und Blau, Weidenallee, Hamburg.

Rot und Grau, Flakturm IV, Hamburg.

last series, phillipines.

jeepney & island green.

texture in el nido I. also: turquoise.

texture in el nido II.

a quick frame in the corner of an eye.

b&y in palawan.

complicated coron, palawan.

repeat texture in palawan diptich part 2

repeat texture in palawan diptich part 1

texture gradient in palawan.

not here.
1 week ago.

52 weeks ago.

there is no structure in island time.

blue, manila.

more than texture X, manila.

more than texture IX, manila.

more than texture VIII, manila.

more than texture VII,  manila.