take me somewhere nice

in situ: fotofilmic ’14 exhibitor collection

more than texture VI, manila.

more than texture V, manila.

more than texture IV, manila.

urbanautica in belgium to review portfolio

I’ve have been mentioned in an overview of an urbanautica review.

more than texture III, manila.

more than texture II, manila.

more than texture I, manila.

nothing really ends.
twenty one weeks ago.

exhibition: fotofilmic’14

This is the third and last instalment of the travelling group show of the fotofilmic14 winners. If you are in New York… it opens tomorrow.

featured: fotofilmic’14 instagram takeover

I was invited by FotoFilmic to do an Instagram takeover from Dec 07 – 13. Be sure to follow them! They wrote a warming descriptive summary of my takeover here.

one day of silence (in my mind).
six weeks ago.

this contemplation will never stop.
nine weeks ago.

this is important to me.
three weeks ago.

featured / exhibition: fotofilmic’14

not there.

featured: ‘not there’ in snor graduation issue 2014

Every year, SNOR photography magazine launches an open call for students graduating from a photography academy. ‘not there’ was included this year.

in situ: fotofilmic printshop

featured: fotofilmic’14 shortlist#02

featured: humble arts foundation group show 39

Two photographs of private – public duality project have been featured onTough Turf Group Exhibition 39 of the Humble Arts Foundation. Don’t forget to check out the work of the other artists in this impressive digital exhibition. Also their essay on the exhibition is an interesting read.

exhibition: the World as I found it 2.0

the future lies with the city: construction.

spiral in cph.

concave city corner in milano.

exhibition: the World as I found it

Photographs of private – public will be displayed at the World as I found it exhibition.

intense shakkei happiness

in the footsteps of hiroshi…

lines and planes in milano.

concave city corner in kyoto.

concave city corner in düsseldorf.

visiting japan.

thank god for prada.


sky with pen EE3 II

concave city corner in london.

concave city corner in helsinki.


oggetto trovato a milano.

yayoi kusama’s pumpkin, naoshima.

人 V

drowse in a train from matsumoto to tokyo